Welcome to Deeper Higher Closer

Worship Leader and Songwriter Pastor Thom Washington has been anointed in Music Ministry for over 30 years. As the Choir Director of Verizon's Best Small Choir of Southern California, Christian's Community Center Cathedral Choir of Los Angeles and NBC's Weather Choir, he has been on the forefront of bringing the gospel to the masses on the West Coast through music and ministry. Now, teaming with Singer Songwriter Derick Thomas, Pastor Thom Washington and The Cathedral Voices are ready to share the ministry with the world as they have recently signed with Sound of the House Record Label! The forthcoming project, "Deeper, Higher...Closer" will be recorded live on October 27, 2012 at Christian's Community Center of Los Angeles. www.cccla.org. Request the Summer 2012 Single Release, "Make It Loud (Let It Out!)"!

Pastor Thom Washington & The Cathedral Voices album will be dropping in: